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Throw back to a 'few' years ago with the family

Its funny how we would identify ourselves when we were kids by our rank in the family, like saying on the phone “Hi, its number six here”. Not that we ever felt like we were just a number. We were each loved and valued for the strengths and qualities we brought to the family, and I liked being in the middle as I had older ones to look up to and younger ones to help or teach something.

It’s the same with Zenders and the team we have now. Each bringing their own personality and strengths to build a greater team. So I’m the bean counter. I love numbers and enjoy small business management, with a focus on strategic management. I completed my MBA in 2014 and have recently moved back to the Waikato after 17 years in Taranaki.

Graduation day 2014

So apart from Zenders, my life includes a husband and 6 children (with only one still at school), and we live on our own dry stock farm in Te Pahu. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, BBQs in the summer, weekends at the beach, motorbike rides, Sudoku, Klaverjas and quiet time with a good book.

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