After World War II, New Zealand experienced an influx of immigrants, many of them Dutch and seeking land and opportunity to pursue the farming lifestyle that was their heritage in the Netherlands. They came by the boatload and blended so well into New Zealand lifestyle and culture that they came to be known as the ‘invisible migrants’. 

Today a great number of people living in New Zealand claim Dutch heritage or connections, who could identify with our story.


Christina Reymer


Teresa Bowe-Reymer


Monique Reymer

Zenders Café and Venue was conceived by three sisters inspired to create a legacy recognising the contribution of Dutch immigrants to New Zealand, and to the dairy industry in particular, in the Waikato.


Armed with the original blueprints of their great-grandfather’s farmhouse (boerderij) in Zevenaar, the Netherlands, they plan to create a café and venue that celebrates Dutch culture, and seeks to extend Dutch hospitality to the wider community. The name Zenders is derived from a colloquial name for Zevenaar.


The particular styled        is reminiscent of the coat of arms of Zevenaar, a town in Netherlands from which the Reymer sisters' father hails from. The town's nickname is Zenders and hence perfect for this heritage venue. 

439 Ruakura Road, Hamilton, New Zealand
 +64 7 595 0640  | info@zenders.nz

Zenders  |  est. 2018