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The importance of not ignoring these wider effects of problem gambling was emphasised by Dr Luke Clark, who gave evidence to us by video link: “The research over the past five or so years has shown quite convincingly that there is a much wider spectrum of harm spread throughout the population.

These examples of milder harms that would not traditionally be called symptoms could be an inability to pay debts, sleep difficulties through worrying about gambling, selling personal belongings and items to support gambling, and a range of effects on significant others There are so many more mildly affected individuals in the population experiencing those harms that the actual majority of the harm in the population is attributable to those individuals who do not meet clinical thresholds.”

We think this a point worth emphasising. Gambling-related harm is often thought of as being limited to problem gamblers and those at risk of becoming so. This research shows that this is far from the case.

Markus Weber

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