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Migration of email

A technique called "email migration" involves moving a lot of email messages from one email account to another. Email migration is often necessary when changing email accounts. Additionally, throughout the Shoviv email conversion, all email meta-data, including sender, labels, dates, and flags, will be transferred. Our transfer solution leverages the Gmail API and can process 10,000 emails per day on average.

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By the way, the term "migration" in the context of computers sometimes refers to both "copying" and "moving," thus saying "let's migrate our images from the computer to the tablet" does not always imply that they are removed from the computer after the transfer.

forwarding emails

Resending emails from your inbox to another email address is referred to as email forwarding. When you want to send emails to your CRM, a coworker, etc., you utilize it. Email meta-data will not be preserved by email forwarding (such as labels). In accordance with Google's daily send restrictions, it is restricted to sending 500 emails per day for free Gmail accounts and 2,000 emails per day for premium G Suite accounts.

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