Picking a beverage selection for an event is no easy task - there are so many variables that come into play! Today, we’re going to break it down a little, give you some things to think about, and provide some insight into what goes into ensuring perfect beverage selection for every event.

Where to start?!

The first step is to define your guests – the ‘who’. Consider the age of your guests, and the breakdown of each age group as part of the overall guest numbers. Look at the female to male ratio. Consider whether your guests have a preferred beverage of choice (do they always pick Corona at the pub?). Are there special traditions such as a toast of bubbles after speeches, or grandad's favourite whiskey, or a Christmas punch that makes an appearance every year? Write these things down, they’ll be important for later!

What’s next?

Next, we think about our beverage selections. With so many options, it’s great to consider them all:

  • Bubbles: do you want a true champagne or a sparkling wine?

  • Wine: red, white or rose, and which varieties of each? How many varieties (depending on the number of guests), the food you’ll be serving, and whether the organiser has a favourite!